|| Your body is worth a billion to them!

This post is especially for the Health freaks who can’t go a day without hitting the gym. I had been searching online for websites in India that provide authentic products to cater to the needs of those consumers who want their health supplement needs to be catered to, and the only website that I knew of was Healthkart but the reviews that I read were highly appalling, with more customer grievances than customer delight.

There is a new website called Billionbody that has come up wanting to make it’s mark on the health supplement needs with so many promises that it just seems too good to be true. However, whatever I have heard from the people who have bought their products, are backing their claims such as

  1. Most authentic online supplement store / No counterfeits
  2. All products have a hologram (Lean proteins, Mass gainers, Creatine, Glutamine etc)
  3. Extensive brand list
  4. Competitive prices for genuine products
  5. Huge discounts (upto 30%) can be availed as of now
  6. A special discount of an additional 5% (valid till Valentine’s Day) if you use the code ‘MuscleLove’ for your purchase
  7. Freebies on every order
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

The list just doesn’t end there! There is more that is good which is completely unheard of, that is being offered by this website

  1. They provide same day delivery (to Delhi/NCR)
  2. Heavy discounts on other websites are provided on products that are close to their expiry date, but in their case , Billionbody provides discount on the fresh stock
  3. Their blogs are constantly updated with nutrition and diet advice
  4. It’s a website dedicated only to health
  5. Tailor made specifications can also be generated on their website (soon to be launched)
  6. Soon they will add liquid grip and a range of vitamins to their range of products
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

Last but not the least they swear by their motto ‘Your body is worth a billion to us.’

If you would like to try their products before purchase, then do participate in the giveaway that is live on my Instagram and  Facebook account! Prizes worth Rs. 4000 are up for grabs! Participate now and let me know how you found their products and website!

GIVEAWAY. Participate now onInstagram or Facebook! Copyright The blog of Ruchi
GIVEAWAY. Participate now on Instagram or Facebook!
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

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