How to glam up any outfit: The solution you always knew but never implemented!

You want to make use of the outfit that you spent a bomb on, this shaadi season, but you have already worn it on 4 different occasions and what’s worse? You have already been pictured in that precious outfit and the picture is all over your Instagram, your friend’s Instagram and even your friend of friend’s Instagram, who you met at the party… and of course it just doesn’t end there because  it’s all over the Facebook too! Looking for a quick fix to make your old outfit look new? One golden mantra…Accessorise!

Simplest accessory to add that enigmatic appeal to an evening outfit has to be a clutch! Clutch is a small purse that is usually without any straps or handles but comes with a variation of an optional wrist or shoulder strap. It is supposed to be held upright with hand underneath it  or under your arm to make it stand out and add plenty of appeal to any outfit!

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

However, the chain like straps that come along with these clutches is the option that I am most comfortable with because then I don’t have to leave it unattended when I am hitting the dance floor. We all tend to get a little forgetful at times so a small accessory like this can easily be forgotten where you are sitting or on a quick trip to the ladies’ room, hence, clutch with a chain is my favored option! Also, I love it when my clutch’s inside lining is colourful enough to add that amazing burst of color whenever I open my clutch! Best part about the clutch is actually the perfect size and the many colors they come in, just right enough to carry my stuff around during the evening functions in whatever color my outfit is that day or when I am in the mood for ‘no matching’, well ‘no matching’ it is!

Summarised step by step guide on how I choose my clutch

  1. Size – A perfect size that would hold all my contents that I need for an evening out. Make sure you don’t over stuff your clutch.
  2. Material- Leather with metallics, beads, jewels, sequins etc
  3. Strap- Has to have a sleek chain.
  4. Color- A color that can go with every outfit if I am on a moderate budget, or a color that is matching the shade of my outfit for that evening
  5. Lining- I love color, and I love it when the inside lining of the clutch is colourful!
  6. Time- I prefer to carry it out during evenings for formal affairs or when my night life is super active. For the day I have my day bags, and if it’s just a short trip to the grocery, well, I use my wallet then or canvas clutches!

My choice

My essentials for a night out are cash, car keys, basic make up touch up essentials like YSL Mascara, YSL Touche Eclat Radiant touch Concealer, Mac Lipstick, one black hairclip to hold my hair, if my ballerina bun falls out of place!  Bausch and Lomb disposable contact lenses for emergency purposes, because you never know what can go wrong with your lenses, though it’s once in a blue moon kind of scenario but it has happened to me and that too when I was in Sydney, when some irritant entered my eye and I was forced to take out my lenses. I walked around blind all day because nowhere in Sydney did they give contact lenses without prescription and I had my flight that very night and was not going to waste my time getting myself a prescription when Tiffany & Co.’s door were ever inviting to shop one last time before my trip back home to India.

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

A perfect fit for all these contents was Être Designs clutch that I chanced upon first at an exhibition in Select City walk mall last year, and once again at DLF Promenade mall day before yesterday! They have also done a pop up exhibition at Teatro Dhora, Jaipur in October last year. This new label was institutionalized in 2013 and is propertied by Shreya Bhan and Anshul Tyagi who excel in their spirit of transforming the face of Indian leather products.

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

I chose this Black clutch with a Gold metallic fervor to it, which I know will go with most of my evening outfits and I am very happy with my purchase!

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Red lining inside my clutch.  Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Red lining inside my clutch.
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

I also bought Red clutch with elegant sequence detailing that will go well with two of my outfits, one of which is Indian and one is Indo-western.

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

They do customizations as well for which you can directly get in touch with them on or give them a ring on +91 9818203053. You can always engage with them on @etredesigns on Instagram or @etreindia on Twitter! The e-commerce websites that they have partnered with are ,,,,,
If you are more a fan of store shopping then you will be pleased to know that their outlets are in major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Raipur! Their store details are NEW DELHI Nimai, Shahpur Jat and
Ricco, Hauz Khas Village. MUMBAI Creo, Kemps Corner. BANGALORE  Bombay Attic, Cunningham Road . JAIPUR Teatro Dhore, Ajmer Road. RAIPUR Azra, Civil Lines.

So glam up gals!

Your colorful faffer,



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