OMG It had what!?…. 9 super reasons to improve your monthly beauty woes

There is a growing need of newly launched products to reach their target audience and similarly on the other hand the market consisting of people wanting to try new products. Bridging of this gap between the seller and buyer has been accomplished with one simple solution of a beauty subscription box!

The hugely popular western concept of subscription boxes that promise to give a curated selection of products at much lesser than their market prices has finally not just come to India but has also become a part of a lot of people’s monthly to buy list, with options that subscriptions can come in monthly dose of happiness (if you are reluctant and want to just give it a shot) , or quarterly (to just make sure if you would want to go all the way with it) or half yearly or annually (when you have finally instilled your faith in this magical product that guarantees a surprise in the mail box month on month!) !

I am always the first one to show my acceptance towards something new and creative if it is new and creative! So I tried to catch up on this rising fashionable fad to check out if it is a fad or is there some good in it too! This is my first time with an Indian beauty subscription box, and I tried to give it a shot with the monthly box, and that too the cheapest option available.

I went ahead with MSM Box ( , where they have two options available for the beauty diggers, one being the MSM Express which you can try for a month at a meagre amount of Rs. 495/- only, and the other one is MSM Select which is a higher priced one month subscription box that comes to your doorstep for Rs. 995/-

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

My MyStyleMile Box came in for Christmas last month, and it was an MSM Express box (worth Rs. 495/-), it contained various vouchers, samples  and one full sized product, matching the claims set by the enterprise, that proudly says ‘A lot in a little’.


  1. Affinity Salon Voucher (exclusively for MSM Box subscribers)

The first thing that I saw when I opened the box was a Rs. 500 worth voucher of Affinity Salon valid on services at all Affinity Salons across India! For me, the box had not just reached a breakeven point there but had in fact become profitable, because this voucher was just the beginning and added on to building the excitement for what was coming next. My Christmas, thanks to MSM Box was full of one surprise after another.

  1. L’Opera outlet Voucher

Tell me who does not love a Macaron coupled with Coffee, especially when it comes from L’Opera? If that’s the drug, then I am an addict. This sweet delicious surprise came in my MSM Box, this voucher was for a coffee and a Macaron at select L’Opera outlets with validity of 60 days from the date of issue. Yes, needless to say the surprise in this box did not end here!


Innisfree Green Tea Product Line Samples

How frequently we go to Khan Market, we Delhites can know a little too well. Crossing across my favourite Kiehl’s  store, making my way to The Body Shop, I saw a new store has opened, which is Innisfree, the Korean skin care brand has paved it’s way to Delhi markets by opening their first store in Khan Market, New Delhi. I had wanted to check out the shop ever since it opened, and seeing Innisfree samples line up in my MSM Box just multiplied the joy I experienced when I saw them!

The Innisfree samples in the MSM Box included

  1. Innis Green Tea Seed Serum which is a moisturising and nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju, and can help make your skin clear. The number of samples that came in the box were six. I have now exhausted them and can say that they are totally worth it. The full size Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum comes for Rs. 1,450/-
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Lotion is a moisturizing lotion with organic green tea water to help make the skin supple. The sample size was 15 ml. The full size bottle can be obtained for Rs. 800/-
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream is to be used for intensive moisturizing needs of your skin and is to be applied after using toner at night, right before you sleep. I have been glowing every morning and I am sad that my sample is over, I am planning a visit to Khan Market this weekend especially to stock my beauty counter at home with this product, because it finished so quickly! The sample size was 5 ml. The full size bottle comes for Rs. 900/-
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack I am usually not the follow a regime to bed sort of girl, but these products got me into a routine for a week to say the least! When my Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream ran out I started using the next sample as an alternative, which is the Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack. This is meant to be applied on the entire face in the evening (except the eye and the lip ofcourse), and it is to be rinsed off with water next morning. I did the rinsing off bit with cold water, as I didn’t want the moisture of my skin to be lost to warm or hot water in the terrible Delhi winter! The full size comes for Rs. 900/-
  1. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin can be applied after using toner to wipe off the dirt from the skin.

It has been a treat going to bed after using these wonderful products in the past one week, simply because these products have proved their mettle with each drop!


  1. Organic Harvest Moisturising Lotion with Tamarind Seeds Extract and Essential Oil- 100ml Rs.595/-

Night bed time routines, usually included olive oil after a hot water bath for me, but I reluctantly replaced it with this Organic Harvest Moisturising Lotion, to protect my skin from dehydration. Why? Because it is thankfully free of Parabens, colors and artificial fragrance! Hence, I didn’t have to worry about my white clothes getting dirtied by the oil!

(For those who don’t know about Parabens, they are used in cosmetic products to prevent growth of microbes in those products, and by applying such products we increase the chances of Parabens being readily absorbed in the digestive system through skin and blood, which is very harmful for the human body.)

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi
  1. Maybelline Color Show Denim Dash 503, 6ml Rs. 75/-

I can’t say much about this blue colored nail paint called Denim Dash, because my cousin sister of only 10 years took it as soon as she saw it! (Talk about love at first sight, sigh)

Last month’s MSM Box was a joy for someone like me who is increasingly switching products of daily use to their organic alternatives and are steady on the organic path. I enjoyed every bit of the MSM Box, because hey, what was there in it that was not to like?

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

Sitting back and waiting for a monthly haul of beauty products is something that every girl deserves to be treated to by herself or by someone special! In fact, I am considering upgrading to the MSM Select box this month.

Your one heck of a faffer,




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  1. can u review d product “organic moisturising lotion” wanna hv sm good moisturising lotion in my vanity, so lil curious if dis is good or nt.

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