Luxury essential for winters

Nothing can add a killer dose of attitude and shout bad-ass at the same time as a leather jacket can! It is a larger than life piece of statement that can make heads turn and eyes stop to stare to absorb enough of it. A leather jacket on a woman makes her irresistible to every man she passes by and a leather jacket on a man makes every woman want to be able to get close to him.

No reason should be strong enough to make you invest in a cheaper piece of leather jacket. Either you buy the expensive one and be glad of your purchase for the rest of your life, or cut down on your expense and regret it for the rest of your life because this purchase will result in a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion. Be prepared to spend a minimum of Rs. 15,000 on a jacket that shouts presence wherever you go. Yes, it will probably be the most expensive investment in your wardrobe as you can always go higher in your investment in leather jacket because there is no upper limit to where the quality and fit stops.

The plus? Leather jackets will look attractive on anything and everything! Also, anyone can wear it and rock it!

Leather Basics : Things to keep in mind while making your purchase

Leather jackets have excellent heat retention, fantastic looks, comfort, durability and longevity making them the top most essential this winter for anyone who wants to add a flair to their wardrobe. No need to update your wardrobe with anything other than a leather jacket.

A perfect jacket is all about how well it fits you, making it even more essential that you go for a made to measure, custom fit jacket, tailored according to your body type. Try to keep it a size smaller than what you usually would wear in jackets, that way you will get the fit you have in mind. It’s important to know that it is completely unwise to layer it up over sweaters.

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The stitching and finishing should be impeccable. The jacket should sit perfectly well on your shoulders and not hang off it, the sleeves shouldn’t be too long, and do not make the fashion disaster of having your jacket end anywhere other than your waist, not an inch longer or shorter! Also, the lining on the inside of your jacket should be of premium quality, as a slight rip on it can cause a huge dent in your pocket.  No repair work on a leather jacket is inexpensive, attention should be paid minutely to each and every detail, something as small as the brand of Zips used, don’t settle for anything less than YKK when it comes to zips.

What I bought and from whom

I bought this beautiful leather jacket customized just for me, extremely intricate detailing and cuts on the behind, with my name burned on it’s back from Chatenya Mittal who has his fashion studio in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi . You can also find him on Facebook ( and @modepho on Instagram. (Other contact details  are 43 Fashion street, Shahpur Jat, you can also reach him on his personal number +91 9717695222). The personalized leather jackets’ cost depends on the degree of customization, my jacket cost me Rs. 25,000.

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
The blog of Ruchi
Copyright The blog of Ruchi

How to style it up/ Ways to wear it


I mixed up my leather jacket with some faux fur, neutral scarf, my uggs and favourite hat!

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
The blog of Ruchi

However, you can also style it up with long flowy gowns, pleated skirts, midi skirts, denims, knee high boots and almost anything you can think of!


Denims, white trainer shoes, plaid shirts in red or blue not tucked in, white t-shirts and almost anything else you can pull it off with.

Wishlist : My next leather jacket

I am so happy with the jacket that Chatenya has made for me that I already have in mind as to what I want made from him next. The next leather jacket has to be a cropped one in brown/ tan with golden zips with studs to add details to my jacket and my name in golden this time!

Copyright The blog of Ruchi
The blog of Ruchi

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