TIAN Asian Cuisine Studio || A sure shot solution to your New Year Eve

In India, luxury is almost automatically attached to its premium five star restaurants. Especially when it’s Delhi, you can’t ever expect a second rated disguised luxury because the customer here is too choosy and has seen the better of the world when it comes to luxury.

Who’s that

Tian Asian Cuisine Studio at ITC Maurya , has lived up to the expectations of luxury. Tian is a newly opened restaurant in Delhi which is under the captivating spell of Chef Vikramjit Roy and is being managed by Anurodh Samal who has made sure that the hospitality is a top priority and the contents of the menu of this very modern restaurant (divided into Curtain raisers– includes all starters, Prelude is the range of soups, mains are referred to as Star Cast and accompaniments are playfully called the Sidekicks if you prefer the seasonal A la carte or you can also go for their delightfully assembled 3 fixed menus called as the Trailer) is made easily accessible to the customer with the help of great servers who are well versed with every query that a customer may have, resolving each in great detail.

Choice of seating for a special rendezvous

If you are looking for a cosy spot, then Tian has two semi private areas where you can enjoy your meal, if you are an outdoor meal kind of person then this terrace rooftop restaurant has great space outside with good ambiance that includes fountains, greenery, glass roof and heating during the winters to make your meal memorable, all along with the spacious indoors that suck you in with their wonderful warmth and choice of floors and furnishing.

Traditional meets progressive

The servers call the food here as traditional meeting progressive fusion of 5 different Asian cuisines having flavours spread from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and other East Asian Countries, the result of this amalgamation is beyond expectations, breaking all the traditional expectations that one may have. The meandering path that this restaurant has taken is definitely going to be more huge a success than it already is and we can surely expect some major restaurateurs in the city to copy the concept of this studio restaurant soon enough.

What we ordered

Since I don’t drink alcohol, and have tried it on rarest of moments that I can recall, I did not want something alcoholic to go with my meal. I was immediately suggested to leave the drink choice of a mocktail up to my server and what I got in return of placing faith in his choice was Bar Man’s delight! Yes, I was left content with this concoction of Kiwi, Guava, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Litchi and a dash of my favourite Ginger Ale!

For the Curtain Raiser we ordered Celery and Chilli Macerated Chicken and Crispy Braised Duck. We are bird fans. I was reluctant to order the duck as I am very particular about the way the duck is served to me, the generous preparation time and unsparing cooking time all add to my ideal tenderness level of the duck. I expressed my hesitation towards ordering the duck and my server Shashank convinced me into giving the duck a try. The result? I just couldn’t hide the pleasure from my face at being served with one of the finest ducks I have ever had. Indeed,  my duck took over and chicken got a bit sidelined but we finished every bit of the chicken from our plates too.


Our choice from the Star Cast included Chicken Green Curry which was extremely impressive because the chicken was prepared Sous-Vide (French word for vacuum)! One cannot help but finish the chicken that is so evenly cooked and yet retains the moisture along with being dominated by divine flavour of coconut.

We opted for Phad Thai noodles (Prawn) from Sidekicks. I now know where to go whenever the Phad Thai craving hits me and I will not put more words to this because it’s breakfast time right now, and I am already beginning to crave it. That’s seriously so wrong that it will start feeling right if I add about how out of the world it was.


What we also got

Before we began our starters we were served with Amuse Boch which had to be had in the sequence of having Penko Crusted Crumb first followed by the Carrot and Celery soup, concluded by pickle with Nori seaweed around it.

Since our selection of food included everything non vegetarian, our server made sure that we have something vegetarian in between so that we could appreciate the taste of our next choosing wholly. This break of taste between our starters and our main course was achieved by Shira-ae, which is mashed Tofu, topped with Almonds and Kuromame (sweet simmered Black Soy Beans), surrounded by Zucchini, dipped in Sesame Sauce.


To cleanse our palette of everything we had had so far to make room for our dessert we were served with a rapturous sorbet. Incredible Mango and Chilli sorbet which brought back the summer flavours to life in the cold chill of christmassy December! Served over dry ice as most of the sweet things at ITC Maurya, the presentation blows me every time I experience it.  Just doesn’t get old for me.

After this we were ready for our sweet ending at Tian.

Sugar dipped ending

The most distinctive part about Tian’s  dessert selection is the Interactive Desserts! Imagine the dessert being made in front of your eyes, being explained step by step, right on your table, at your service! Make sure to ask your server about which ones are the interactive desserts as not all are mentioned as interactive in the menu. My choice for the evening was Interactive Thob Thim Krob which is stewed water chestnuts and young coconut in Vanilla Bean Cream, but what took my heart was as always something chocolaty, this time it was Valhrone Chocolate which to my delight was also interactive!

Must have

Crispy Braised Duck, Phad Thai, Interactive Desserts

Enjoy your New Eve!

Your festive faffer,



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