DIY hack to make product photography a child’s play

Though I have invested a lot in photography (all in the name of love for photography) which included buying  right camera,  right lenses, right equipment, reflectors, lightbox and what not. But it was not always like this, and I had started off with a simple DIY hack model by using a cheat’s trick to get exceptional and professional quality of my pictures.I recreated my beginner level model to share this brilliant tip with all of you. Try these tricks to get the infinity effect on your products:


I can’t emphasis enough on the importance of light in any form of photography. Always use the golden hours to maximise your benefit if you do not have professional lights. Definitely go outdoors. If you have lamps at your home that you can use then they can work well for indoor photography.

TIP#2  DIY trick for the infinity photo effect

This is so simple that you would probably think ‘Hey, why did I not think of this before?’.

For this you would need

  1. Any rectangular cardboard piece, but I couldn’t find a shoe box or cardboard box at my home (for some reason) so I made use of an old magazine issue.
  2. Silver foil paper that you use on daily basis (go head to the kitchen NOW)
  3. Tape
  4. An art file/ white sheet of paper
  5. Table close to the window (I made use of my balcony instead)


  1. Wrap up the non shiny surface of the foil on the magazine, and tape it up.
  2. Place the object in the centre of the foiled magazine with white background. This white back ground will get reflected in the foil giving your product enough depth to make it look like an infinity shot.
  3. Click away mon Cherie!

Also, to get an additional effect and to make this magazine more useful in future, know that, it can double up as a great reflector to direct light to your product by just adjusting it’s angle to the way it reflects maximum light onto your product.

Check out the images below for  the end result.



Flashing out,

Your neighbourhood faffer


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