My favorite minimalist jewelry pieces from Juhi Vajpayee’s ‘Not for Sale’ collection

Sometimes we come across such exceptional talent in our lives, but we find that, that talent has not found it’s way out in the open and is still dormant and lurking, waiting to bask in the warmth of the spotlight on the world’s stage. One such remarkable talent is the 20 year young Juhi Vajpayee and her amazing skills with handmade jewelry.

Her jewelry is modernly chic and minimalist to the core, making it easy and fashionable to sport, and surprisingly it adds to an instant radiance to your persona..! Sadly, none of this jewelry is for sale! However, optimistically speaking, we will surely be seeing more of her on Etsy soon, where she plans to go commercial in near future!But for now you can find her on Instagram and get blown by her close to daily creations on @juhivajpayee.

My favorite pieces from her collection can be seen in images below! Stop by on instagram and show some love to @juhivajpayee!


Your faithful informer,

Serial faffer



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  1. These are beautiful! And Juhi, I’m so proud of you! =D
    Waiting for these to go on sale, though I have a collection from you already. 😉

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