Breakfast at Tiffany…………!

Breakfast at home!
Breakfast at home!

Holaaaaa! The best home prepared breakfast for a lazy Weekend! Breakfast which is both quick and easy!

The breakfast today was special because it was made from Cage free eggs. A concept that I came across in one of my travels abroad, though cage free tan (colored) shelled eggs might be many times above the regular white eggs we eat, but they still lag behind the Free Range Eggs that I was searching for in my hometown aka New Delhi!

1. CAGE FREE EGGS- The eggs that come from indoor only chicken, and as the name suggests, the chicken that have not been caged.  One more good thing about these eggs was that they are completely organic. (More on why I prefer organic food over regular food, I shall save for another time!)

2. FREE RANGE EGGS (the ones I wanted and have been searching for, let me know if you find them somewhere)- These are the eggs which come from the chicken who are allowed to go outdoor for at least sometime during the day and by any measure are far superior than the regular eggs as they not only have more nutrients but also more flavor.

Usually I have egg white only omelette, but with these Cage free eggs that I got my hands on, I couldn’t resist putting the yolk in too! Aah I miss the deliciousness of free range egg based omelette,but well, will make do with these eggs for now.

Off to eating!

Much love,

Serial faffer.


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